Gaming Life News is a blog about gaming and the life it involves. Gaming Life News was established in 2011 in Springfield, MO.

Below is an overview of our rating system and how each rating is defined. Here at GLN, we want to make sure that everything is as understandable as possible (you should be spending your time playing, not trying to figure out our complicated system). Keep in mind that though our reviews are opinion based, we thoroughly experience every game we review to make sure we leave no stone unturned. Scores are based off of story, gameplay, longevity, graphics/sound quality, and overall feel of a game. With that in mind listed below are the numerical values and how they are defined:

0 – .9: Unbearable

– Games that receive this score are hazardous to your health. Do everything possible to stay away and if you see a copy in a store, run away as quickly as possible. We sacrificed our lives playing this game so you won’t ever have to. Please don’t even think of playing this game.

1 – 1.9: Bad

– Do yourself a favor and pass this one up unless you are looking for a good laugh. Just as bad as unbearable, but only with a minor redeeming quality. It will be best for everyone if you just ignore this game and get on with your life.

2 – 2.9: Meh

– How do we feel about these games? Whatever. If you want to rent it go for it but don’t waste any more money than that.

3 – 3.9: Good

– We have all played games that are good, but not great. We play through the whole game, but as soon as we finish it we forget all about it. Or we power through the game just so we can sell it at a used game store as soon as possible. I would suggest buying these games used.

4 – 4.9: Amazing

– These are the games that we keep coming back to over and over again. They have nothing but solid gameplay the entire time. From time to time there are a few downfalls, however they are easily overlooked and forgotten. These are the games you want on your shelf.

5: Perfection

– Games like these are rare. We will not be handing out this score like candy. These are the games that change the gaming world completely. Perfect games will be loved for generations to come. Own these games. Buy them new. Pre-order them. Do whatever you can to play these games.

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